Trend to attend Healthcare Estates 2016 with healthy environment message

At this year’s Healthcare Estates exhibition (4th– 5th October, Manchester Central), Trend Control Systems will demonstrate how estates and facilities managers can benefit significantly from building resilience into their building energy management systems (BEMS), thereby minimising risks associated with adverse situations such as plant failure or an environmental condition falling outside acceptable parameters.

The healthcare sector, more than most, is required to provide a high quality built environment and supporting infrastructure such as heating, ventilation and hot water.  This environment must be sustainable, affordable and, above all else, remain compliant and resilient.

A BEMS provides an unparalleled method of delivering a high quality working and patient care environment effectively by maximising the use of finite, valuable resources.

According to recent studies, 40-52% of a building’s energy use is spent on HVAC, whilst up to 23% is used for lighting.  This means there is a potential to control up to 75% of energy usage simply by implementing an integrated building services solution.

Integrating a Trend BEMS into the water quality management system also provides a proven management tool for Legionella monitoring and control policies. A Trend system will monitor, control and provide information on the status of the water supply, storage and distribution system.

For further information please visit Trend on Stand D34 at the Healthcare Estates exhibition, or call Trend Marketing on 01403 211888 or email

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With a worldwide distribution and support network covering over 50 countries, Trend Control Systems is a major international supplier of building energy management solutions (BEMS). In the UK, it possesses a larger installed system base than any other brand. The vast majority of Trend’s control systems are supplied, engineered and commissioned by approved systems integrators.