New orders worth SEK 20 million within bioenergy as strong development in environmental technology exports continues

Svensk Rökgasenergi (SRE), a subsidiary of Opcon AB, the energy and environmental technology Group, today received an order via its partner, Axis, for a further three district heating plants in Lithuania. The overall value of the order for SRE is around SEK 20 million. The agreement covers delivery of three complete plants for flue gas condensation, purification and water treatment in order to utilise waste heat and increase the efficiency of incineration of biomass at the district heating plants in Naujoj Vilnia, Alytus and Marijampole. At the same time, emissions to the environment will be cut significantly. In all three deliveries the end customer is Litesko, a wholly owned subsidiary of the French Group, Dalkia. Dalkia has become an increasingly important customer for Opcon at several levels. The deliveries are planned for 2009 and 2010. “We continue to receive important orders for Dalkia’s plants, which shows the significance of the active phase of international expansion we are currently engaged in. Dalkia is an advanced customer with high requirements for functionality and profitability. They bought their first plant from us three years ago. Our deepening co-operation with Axis is also important. Axis has 800 employees in Lithuania and with their activities in Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia they are becoming an important partner for us. This year alone our partnership has brought in business worth over SEK 40 million in Lithuania. That’s despite the financial crisis that has put a brake on projects in this area,” says Rolf Hasselström, President and CEO of Opcon AB. “The strong inflow of orders is continuing within bioenergy and recycling of surplus heat. Today we can offer customers complete systems with several alternatives for utilising surplus heat. We can provide district heating, drying of biomass, electricity generation or a combination depending on what suits the customer,” adds Rolf Hasselström. SRE is part of Opcon’s growing Renewable Energy business area and its activities within Waste to Value with a special focus on Waste Heat Recovery and Bioenergy. SRE delivers systems, for among other applications, treatment and improved energy efficiency at district heating plants powered by biomass, sawmills, pellets producers and commercial greenhouses. The company also supplies treatment equipment to industry and drying systems for biomass. SRE’s Renergi system is based on heat recovery, with surplus heat utilised through flue gas condensation, and it means significantly reduced emissions as well as major energy savings, where the capacity in a bioenergy boiler after an upgrade can be increased by 25-50% depending on the configuration, while emissions of particles, among other substances, are also reduced. Surplus heat is today an enormous and largely unused source of energy around the world. According to the International Energy Agency, over 60% of the energy content in the world’s electricity production becomes surplus heat. For further information, please contact Niklas Johansson, vice president, Investor Relations, tel. +46 8-466 45 00, +46 70-592 54 53 Opcon AB, Box 15085, 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden Tel. +46 8-466 45 00, faxm+46 8-716 76 61 e-mail:



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