Opcon’s part-owned Enerji signs MoU with Australia’s largest ASX-listed electricity generation business

Enerji (ASX: ERJ), the Australian partner and part-owned company of energy- and environmental technology Group Opcon, has signed a MoU with Babcock & Brown Power (ASX: BBP) regarding a pre-feasibility study of the potential of Opcon’s technology for producing emission-free electricity out of waste heat at two of Babcock & Brown Power’s assets. The pre-feasibility study will be undertaken at a 540 MW coal fired power station in South Australia and a 105 MW gas fired power station in Western Australia. Babcock & Brown Power is the largest listed electricity generation business in Australia, with interest in several power stations, representing approximately 2,800MW of installed generation capacity. Almost equivalent to the entire installed effect at the nuclear power plant Forsmark in Sweden. “The deal with Babcock & Brown Power is a gamechanger for Enerji. With production in its 12 power plants reaching almost 15 per cent of Sweden’s entire electricity production, Babcock and Brown Power represents a large potential customer for our recovered energy generation. At the same time it is the first step towards applications for this technology at coal and gas fired power plants, which remains the dominant means of producing electricity in Australia and elsewhere. Earlier we have identified an addressable market just within the Australian mining industry of well over 400 MW, using the Opcon Powerbox. I believe this potential to be even bigger”, says Ross Smith, CEO Enerji. About Enerji: Enerji (ASX:ERJ) is a listed company and Opcon’s partner in Australia regarding its fuel-free, emission-free Opcon Powerbox. The company focuses on delivering electricity from waste heat using the Opcon Powerbox. Opcon owns 44, 500, 000 stock in Enerji, an equivalent to 9.7 per cent. Facts about Opcon Powerbox: Opcon Powerbox has been developed by Opcon to produce carbon-free electricity from waste and surplus heat starting at temperatures as low as 55° C. Opcon Powerbox, 0.74 MW in standard form, can be installed in large process plants, power plants, on large diesel engines or on large ships. Opcon Powerbox utilises waste heat to produce electricity from a source that would otherwise be wasted. Waste heat has enormous, largely unutilised potential. According to the American Energy Department there is more waste and surplus heat available in American industry than electricity production from all renewable energy sources in the US combined.


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