Trig Social Media AB Secures Agreement with Paypal

Stockholm, 08 May 2015: Trig Social Media’s office in Spain has secured an agreement with Paypal in Spain, the worldwide online payment system, to promote its Trig Money applications. The Paypal solution will be integrated into Trig Money, which will advantage the various customers of both companies as they use Trig’s applications. 

Phillip Cook (CEO of Trig Social Media AB): "I believe this association will enhance our developing products, particularly in regards to allowing for faster, safer methods of purchasing products on a global basis."

About Paypal: Paypal is an American and worldwide online paying system. Online payment transfers serve as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods, like checks or money orders. Paypal is one of the world’s largest internet payment companies.

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GFEI Aktiengesellschaft

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About Trig Social Media (Publ.)

Trig Social Media is a global social media platform provider who has designed a range of social user-engagement product applications such as, Trig Money, Momentik by Trig, HeyHey, and Trig TV. The company also has an Esports’ division and works together with six of the leading teams and players in the world.

Trig is a listed public company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a market cap exceeding EUR 1 bn.


About Us

Trig Social Media AB (Publ) is a holding company for a portfolio of social media and related user engagement applications. The Company has an existing portfolio of 26.25 million users, of which 23 millon have corporate sponsors to download the company’s income generating application: Trig|money.Trig Social Media AB (Publ) financial model is significantly different from all other companies operating in the social media space, as the company does not rely on click/view advertising etc.Trig Social Media AB (Publ) is currently focused on the 18 countries in which it operates today.


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