Trio signs long-term partnership agreement with Technology Nexus concerning development

Trio signs long-term partnership agreement with Technology Nexus concerning development Trio has signed a partnership and outsourcing agreement with Technology Nexus concerning the development of Trio PresentOffice, a market leading call and message handling system. The agreement means that all employees at Trio's subsidiary, Trio Business Technology, will be offered the opportunity to move to Technology Nexus while still continuing to work mainly for Trio. The three-year agreement involves 24 people. Trio Business Technology's employees will be incorporated into Technology Nexus's high-tech development operations. The background to the agreement is that Trio is now entering a new phase that will involve much larger business deals. One example is the recent agreement with Telia Mobile Sweden worth SEK 41.7 million excluding training and service. The partnership with Nexus enables Trio to speed up the process of broadening its expertise and to provide more developers for projects involving close co-operation with the customer. "This agreement is a kind of short-cut to a broader range of skills. It also strengthens our resources for major projects. Trio will now have access to Technology Nexus's expertise regarding project management for major projects and security work. The company intends to conclude more strategic agreements for both development and sales," says Sverker Hannervall, Trio's President. Nexus's security expertise will allow Trio to speed up its implementation of new security solutions on behalf of mobile operators and Service Providers, among others. Updated business-critical information is stored in Trio's systems on an ongoing basis and this requires a high level of security. Not only does the deal provide Trio with SEK 21 million in cash, but also the company's costs will also fall significantly during the agreement's first year, and will continue to do so during the second and third years. Trio undertakes to buy services from Technology Nexus for a total of SEK 60 million over the three-year period. "This deal signals the start of a long-term working partnership that will greatly benefit the core activities of both companies. Nexus will gain access to Trio's expertise in one of its own business areas, and this will provide a fundamental cornerstone for Nexus's future development of security solutions for mobile and IP-based communication, among other things. It will also allow Nexus to take part in Trio's development work involving close co-operation with customers, thus enabling us to offer our solutions alongside Trio's own," says Mikael Jacobsson, MD of Technology Nexus. For additional information, please contact: Sverker Hannervall, President of Trio, tel.: +46 8 457 30 05 Mikael Jacobsson, MD, Technology Nexus, tel.: +46 706 47 58 10 About Technology Nexus AB (publ) Technology Nexus AB (publ), whose shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O list, specialises in developing and supplying secured IT solutions that enhance customer profitability. Nexus's operations focus on the end customer market, but the company also functions as a development partner for customers with stringent quality requirements. Nexus's vision is to be a leading partner in the field of secured solutions for the digital economy. The company has approx. 300 employees and offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Linkoping (head office), Umeå, Karlstad, Västerås, Borlänge, Hamburg and Paris, as well as operations in London, Madrid and New York. About Trio The Trio Group is a group of companies with 145 employees in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Trio develops and markets systems for mobile and fixed telephony that are designed to enhance the information flow of organisations, increase the accessibility of employees and raise the service level. The systems include call and message handling, call charging, and fax solutions for networks, as well as voice response and call centre systems. Trio's shares are listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: