Tritech and Telenor Cinclus signs MeshNET framework agreement.

Tritech Technology AB (Tritech) and Telenor Cinclus A/S (Cinclus) has today confirmed their co-operation with a framework agreement fulfilling deliveries of products in Tritechs MeshNET product portfolio to the Fortum and Eon AMM projects.

MeshNET utilizes two-way radio technology to its full potential, where several small low-power radio transmitters cooperate to transport data from an electricity meter to a central collection point based on mesh networking. The result is a robust data collection network which is easy to install and maintain.

- “We have been working together with Cinclus for some time now to adopt our product to Cinclus requirements. We are of course proud and happy for the confidence given to us by Cinclus to deliver our products for large scale deployment in, to my knowledge, the largest individual AMM project in Europe based on the new generation of metering and communication technology.”, says Thomas Jonsson, Manager Tritech Products.

- “By using Tritech Wireless Mesh technology as a last mile solution we are able to deliver scalable cost efficient communication solutions to our customers. Since Tritech MeshNET is using GPRS from the central collection point we see this as a very good extension to our GPRS network” says Ivar Grothe Director of Business Management at Telenor Cinclus

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