Sustainable Development in Product Design

Descriptions like “green design,” “environmentally friendly” and “sustainability” are used so extensively that they almost wash over their audience and face the danger of being discounted.

At Triteq we work with the idea that product design is where the conversation starts, we find out where our clients are on their sustainability journey, we identify the barriers and opportunities they face and we look at how we can help whether its bringing their new products to market, a redesign of an existing product or sustainable product innovation.

Sustainable product design is an excellent opportunity for companies to profit margins, quality of products, market opportunities and environmental performance.

Companies who are really investing heavily in sustainable design are finding more and more innovative solutions to environmental issues, just this week Nestle opened their new £35 million production factory in Buxton and they announced this news with the claim that they have developed the UK’s lightest bottled water product. This product is a result of extensive research on lifecycle for the product and the result will bring environmental savings in terms of energy consultation and raw materials.

So how can we help?

We look at design as a life cycle, we are committed to working collaboratively with our clients and we draw on our extensive experience gained across a wide range of disciplines.

We have a comprehensive consultancy service on offer for our clients and always welcome new enquiries about our work and the value we bring to a project. Working with the latest technology and highly skilled teams, we can help at every stage through product development including advice on patents, brand identity and market mapping.

Contact us here today and arrange a visit- either to our Head Office in Hungerford or to our Technology office in Oxford. We offer a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your project and always enjoy the opportunity to connect and discuss ideas.

To discuss a product design requirement or for more information, please visit our website or contact Angela Hobbs ( or call 01488 684554.


About Us

Triteq is a cohesive team of specialists with the combination of skills to excel at product design through all stages of development and preparation to market. Our key disciplines are in design and engineering and we have the highest level of electronic, hardware, industrial, mechanical and software capabilities in-house. A client’s project may require all of these skills, or any combination. Our strength is in creating a collaborative environment at Triteq where we respect and share knowledge between our teams which leads directly to commercially viable and sustainable success for our clients. We work in partnership with clients to bring new products to market and improve the capabilities of existing ones. Our work is supported by the highest level of Quality Management; we are accredited to ISO13485 and ISO 9001 and audited by TUV.