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Check your leisure batteries/leisure batterys such as your caravan battery before setting off on holiday.  You can find cheap caravan batteries and a new affordable leisure battery at Advanced Battery Supplies.

The impact of travelling has a substantial effect on the environment; the daily commute to work by car and the annual summer holiday abroad are both normal for most people. Both of these cause vast amounts of the harmful greenhouse gas CO2 to be released into the environment every year. However, there are a number of ways that you can help to reduce how much of this gas you personally cause to be released into the atmosphere when you go away.

Environmental experts have said for many years that caravanning is an environmentally friendly way to travel compared to other modes of transportation- such as air travel.

While a caravan holiday is one of the most ‘green’ breaks you can choose, there are various precautions you can take which can further reduce your carbon footprint.  Here are our top tips on making your trip as environmentally friendly as possible;

Firstly, make sure that the caravan you are towing is well matched in terms of fuel efficiency to your car.  Secondly, towing a caravan at 40 miles an hour uses less fuel than towing at 50 miles per hour. Finally try to avoid accelerating rapidly and then stopping suddenly. 

Next, if you become stuck in traffic switch your engine off if you are at a standstill. If you are still for longer than half a minute it is more fuel efficient to switch your engine off than to keep it running.  Before setting off for the road, check that your tyres are pumped to the right pressure. You should also give your vehicle a check over to make sure it is running at the optimum level, as this will help to prevent any oil leakages from happening.

It is also advisable to check that your leisure batterys are in good working condition too at this point. If your leisure battery is not performing well it can cause problems with powering your electrical appliances once you reach your destination.

If you need to replace your caravan battery Advanced Battery Supplies stocks a wide range of affordable leisure batteries, which can be delivered to your address the very next day. And if you are planning on taking a roof top box with you on top of your car, invest in a profiled box as this increases your vehicles aerodynamics- which improves your overall efficiency.

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About us: Advanced Battery Supplies have been providing leisure batteries, including caravan batteries, motorhome batteries and boat batterys to trade and the general public since 1993. We stock OEM commercial vehicle batteries and petrol and diesel engined car batteries, with an extensive range of domestic and industrial products from leading manufacturers.  All of our leisure batterys carry a full warranty!

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