Condom sales soar as Brits hump through the crunch

Sales of condoms, lube, bondage products and dildos have all risen in the wake of the credit crunch.  If you want to buy condoms online, visit Funky Condom- where you can discreetly buy condom online.

The sales of condoms have risen dramatically in the wake of the credit crunch as cash strapped Brits choose cosy nights in over going out. The sales of Durex condoms have sold 10% more compared to the months before the economic downturn set in.

Industry experts believe that the reason behind the increase in the sales of condoms is that the price of a condom is considerably cheaper than a night out at a restaurant, or out on the tiles.  One online retailer which enables shoppers to buy condoms online revealed that their condom sales had risen by a staggering 60%! 

As well as spending a night under the covers being a budget friendly way to spend an evening, the company’s financial director also believes that the increase is also down to more people choosing to use condoms, as they are unable to afford having another child.

Further proof of these theories is that the same company’s sales of tea lights, champagne and oysters are all also up.   A well known high street retailer has seen their sales of pleasure enhancers such as lube, bondage products and sex toys such as vibrators and dildo’s treble in revenue.  Finally, a supermarket chain has also seen their condom sales shoot up by 9%, and the sales of their pregnancy tests increase by 20%.

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