Condoms may soon be available in schools

Condoms such as Durex condoms may soon be available in schools to make it easier for teens to get a condom. Another easy way to purchase condoms is to buy condoms online.  Funky Condom stocks a range of condoms, along with lubes and dildos.

Teens living in Hull could soon be given condoms and emergency contraception such as the morning after pill in between their lessons at school, as part of a plan which was devised by a doctor who wants to open Britain’s first ever doctor’s surgery on a school premises.

The doctor, has said that opening the surgery would be a ‘convenient’ way for pupils to access contraception, and get professional sexual health advice.  The school which is considering whether to issue contraception such as Durex condoms is located in an area where teen pregnancy is somewhat of a problem, and is considerably higher in comparison to other areas of the country.

The doctor believes that youngsters are more likely to get medical help and advice if it is convenient for them.  In 2007 stats showed that the UK had the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the west of Europe. While three years on, in 2010 figures showed that the rate of teen pregnancy had been reduced, Britain still had the highest rate in west Europe.

Medical professionals believe that better sex education in schools may have helped to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy.  Health experts believe that teaching young children the facts of life about sex, and giving them informative information about contraception- such as how to put a condom on properly, and the different types of contraception that are available, it can help to prevent teen pregnancy and them to avoid STI’s and other sexual health problems.

The most recent figures show that almost 33% of men and 25% of women have had sex before they reach the age of 16.  And that 57% of young women had used contraception including the contraceptive pill, condoms  and emergency contraception such as the morning after pill.

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