Durex condoms finds a new and exciting way of promoting their condom range

Durex condoms find a new way of promoting their condom range. If you want to buy condoms online, or shop for lube, dildos or bondage gear visit Funky Condom.

Well known condom brand Durex Condoms has found a unique way of sponsoring the ‘extra time’ board which is held up by referees indicating to the players and the crowed how much injury time has been added to the game- they have transformed the ordinary board into a large condom wrapper!

The giant condom was an enlarged version of their Durex Performa condom. These are condoms that have the drug Benzocaine inside them, which have been designed to prolong ejaculation- and give you extra time so to speak.

In addition to these specialist condoms, there are a number of other steps you can take in order to last longer.  While most men try squeezing their pelvic muscles in an attempt to delay ejaculation, this actually works against you as this naturally happens right before a man ejaculates.  Instead try relaxing your muscles when the excitement begins to build, and focus on your breathing instead.

A recent study revealed that men who regularly stretched their bodies through yoga lasted longer in bed.  The best yoga positions to practice, according to the report are those that strengthen the pelvis and promote the relaxation of these muscles.

It’s also recommended that you confide in your partner if you are having problems with premature ejaculation.   This can often reduce the amount of pressure that you are under to perform, which can help you to last longer too.

Finally, there are also a number of sex toys and sexual aids which can help you to increase the amount of time that your erection lasts, allowing you to enjoy sex for longer. If you want to buy condoms online, and browse for sex toys or sexual aids please visit http://www.funkycondom.com/ where they also stock a range of lubes, dildos and bondage products too.

About us: Funky Condom sells a range of condoms & lubes. We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours. All orders are sent in a plain jiffy bag perfect size to fit through your letter box. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. 

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