Experts warn to use a flavored condom while performing oral sex

Experts warn we must use a condom for oral sex, flavored condoms are ideal for this.  If you want to buy condoms online, or shop for lube dildos or bondage gear visit Funky Condom. 

While the safe sex message seems to be spreading in that people are increasingly using condoms whilst they are having vaginal and anal sex, people are still neglecting to use a condom whilst performing oral sex. Flavored condoms are ideal for protecting your body against HPV while you are stimulating a partner with your mouth.

A report has shown that in 2005, 93% of people who had a cancerous throat tumour, tested positive for HPV which was contracted through not using a condom while performing oral sex.  Alarmingly, over the years the HPV virus has caused more cases of throat cancer than tobacco based products such as cigarettes.

HPV isn’t a virus which just affects women; men can be affected by it too.  Health experts advise that men should wear a dental dam, which also come in a variety of flavours while they pleasure their partner with their mouths.

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