Free electricity can help you to save you money!

Solar panel installers can install free solar panels that generate solar energy which generates free electricity which can help you to save money in this tough economic climate.

With the prices of petrol dramatically rising, the cost of food increasing and the cost of utilities set to rise people’s finances are constantly being squeezed further and further. One way in which homeowners living in the UK can save their money is by utilising free electricity generated using free solar panels.

New research released this week has shown that the average household’s disposable income will be the lowest it has been in over 90 years.  The rises in inflation, coupled with VAT and an unstable economic climate mean that people are also facing job losses and pay freezes too.  In terms of figures, this means that the average family will have £910 less to spend as they please over the course of the year, compared to the same time of year two years ago.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research has calculated that the average household’s disposable income will decrease by 2% this year- which is over double of last years decrease of 0.8%, and the most significant drop since the post first World War recession.

It’s estimated that homeowners that have solar panels installed in their homes and are using solar energy to generate free electricity can slash their annual electricity bill in half- freeing up vital funds that could be better spent elsewhere instead.

Installing solar panels in your home needn’t be a costly or time consuming process.  Freetricity solar panel installers are able to offer free installation of free solar panels which you can use to create free electricity.  The installation process takes just one to two days to complete, and your electricity supply will be disrupted for just 20 minutes.

In addition to saving you money on your electricity bill, solar panels also add a significant amount of money to your property- allowing you to secure a higher asking price for your property when you come to sell it too! 

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