How to take care of solid oak flooring

Solid oak flooring and hardwood flooring such as natural oak flooring needs special care. Here’s some tips for maintaining your solid oak floor. For more info on oak wood flooring, solid wood flooring and wooden flooring visit Easy Step.

Purchasing and installing solid oak flooring is a long term investment, and how to care for and maintain your wooden floor should not be made quickly.  To help preserve the beauty of your solid oak floor you should undertake a routine of regular maintenance which should incorporate cleaning and protecting the surface of the oak wood flooring  from moisture, wear and tear and scratches.

To do this, you will need to do more than sweeping and hoovering the natural oak flooring.  If you spill anything onto the hardwood wipe it up straight away using a soft cloth.  Some liquids can cause permanent damage to oak floor, ruining both its look and finish.

Flooring experts recommend that you clean your solid wood flooring once every week, if you choose to use a broom you will need to ensure that it has soft bristles- so as not to mark the wooden flooring.  If you use a hoover, you will need to check that it is safe to use on hardwood flooring and that it does not have beater bars as these can make dents on the surface of the floor.   It’s generally recommended that you use the brush floor attachment, or alternatively the bare floor attachment that usually comes with most vacuums.

 If you are not sure what type of cleaning liquid to use to clean your floor, the supplier of your hardwood flooring will usually be able to recommend the best one for you to use that will not ruin the finish of your floor.  Some products can remove the stain and finish of your floor, and make it lose its lustrous shine.  With these simple tips you will be able to preserve and enjoy the beauty of your wooden floor for many years to come!

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