Jessica Simpson undertakes vegan diet- thankfully she can still eat diet cakes!

Jessica Simpson undertakes vegan diet- but she can still treat herself with diet cakes and free from cakes- such as                 vegan cakes, egg free cake and sugar free cakes.

All American pop star-come actress Jessica Simpson has recently switched her traditional Texan diet to a vegan diet, in a bid to get healthy and in shape for her upcoming wedding. 

The 30 year old was snapped by the paparazzi going into a vegan restaurant in New York accompanied by her fiancé and her mum.

While Jess has cut all meat and animal products from her diet to reduce her calorie intake, she can still indulge occasionally thanks to specialist diet cakes such as vegan cakes- which do no include any eggs or milk. 

Both Jessica and Eric looked relaxed in each others company while visiting the specialist restaurant.  Jessica first tried the vegan diet more than a year ago whilst she was filming her television series, ‘The price of beauty’.  She admitted that in addition to removing meat and animal products from her diet she was drinking specialist herbal teas which she said ‘shocked’ her body.

Shortly after she stopped filming she met Eric who undertook a vegan diet shortly after he retired from playing professional sport.

Jessica told the audience when she appeared on chat show ‘Late night with Jimmy Fallon’ that the couple enjoyed a vegan thanksgiving dinner last year, replacing their traditional turkey for a tofuturkey.

In addition to her new healthy diet, Jessica is also said to be working out four times per week with her personal trainer who also whipped the likes of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow into shape.  However, Jess who is renowned for her curves is said to be shunning the super skinny trend and just wants to be in good shape for her wedding day.

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