Leisure batteries don’t have to push up the cost of your holiday

Maintaining your RV doesn’t have to increase your holiday.  At Advanced Battery Supplies they have a range of leisure batteries, such as boat batterys, cheap caravan batteries, 12 volt leisure batteries and other caravan batterys.  

Caravanning has become a popular choice of holiday again due to its affordability. If you own a caravan, it’s essential to check it is in good working order before setting off for the road. You can find affordable parts and supplies for your caravan, such as caravan batterys for example 12 volt leisure batteries at Advanced Battery Supplies.  These will ensure that maintaining your caravan does not push up the overall cost of your holiday this year.

A popular caravan club has reported that there has been a record number of bookings for caravan sites in the UK this year. Interestingly, the increased number of bookings seems to be due to more young people choosing a caravan holiday, rather than a package holiday abroad.

The main reasons people are choosing this type of holiday is because it’s predicted that it will be a warm summer in the UK, and these breaks are more affordable than flying overseas.

The current economic climate has also meant that people have returned back to appreciating life’s simple pleasures. The tranquillity of the English countryside has become more appealing as a retreat as the cost of flights has increased dramatically, and the value of the pound against the Euro has decreased.

While caravanning may be a cheaper holiday option, there are lots of destinations across the country which have a range of facilities and amenities to offer holiday makers. Here are the top reasons to think about trading your usual package holiday abroad for a caravan holiday this year.

  • Caravanning will allow your children to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.
  • Caravan sites often have a variety of activities scheduled throughout the day, allowing you to tailor your holiday to your preferences.
  • The UK has lots of areas of natural beauty to visit, from beaches, woodland areas, mountains and picturesque towns and villages.
  • For adrenaline junkies, the UK also has lots of outdoor activity centres, allowing you to try your hand at rock climbing, kayaking and go carting.
  • For young children, there are lots of water parks and outdoor playground areas situated in the UK.
  • You can get plenty of fresh air and outdoor exercise.
  • UK breaks are ideal for young children; there’s no long waits at airports, no discomfort to their ears while flying and the temperatures are more comfortable then foreign climates.
  • You can choose exactly how long you want to travel from home, and control how long your journey will be.
  • You don’t have to worry about passports, vaccinations, check-ins and the prospect of the airline losing your baggage. 

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About us:  Advanced Battery Supplies have been providing leisure batteries, including caravan batteries, motorhome batteries and boat batterys to trade and the general public since 1993. We stock OEM commercial vehicle batteries and petrol and diesel engined car batteries, with an extensive range of domestic and industrial products from leading manufacturers.  All of our leisure batterys carry a full warranty!

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