New Banksy artwork appears in London

New Banksy artwork has appeared in London.  If you want your own Banksy canvas art/canvas wall art visit Red Art, where they also stock oil paintings and offer a service printing photos on canvas. 

New Banksy artwork has appeared in London recently which was inspired by the impending Royal wedding. The piece of art has been sprayed onto temporary scaffold hoardings outside a shop on Bond Street.  Despite its stencil design, which depicts the Queen spraying the names Will and Kate inside a pink heart, the artwork has been disputed as to whether it is a genuine piece of Banksy artwork.

The reason behind the debate is because all of Banksy’s other pieces of artwork have been sprayed or painted onto permanent fixtures. Fans of the artist have attempted to remove his work from these permanent fixtures, even going as far as trying to remove entire sections of brick work so they can own artwork created by Banksy himself.

If you would like to own Banksy artwork too, there is a much easier way to do so than by removing sections of brick work from buildings. At Red Art there are a wide variety of genuine Banksy canvas art pieces for you to choose from, which will make a stunning addition to any interior.

Because Banksy the anonymous, international, street graffiti artist never comments on any of the artwork his name is associated with, it leaves him open to being tied to copycat images and designs which artists try to pass off as genuine pieces of Banksy artwork.

One art critic has said ‘This particular piece looks like a slick imitation. While including a red heart shape, similar to Banksy's style of using balloon imagery and areas of red to punctuate the monochrome in his street art, the rest of it is not in his style. The image of the Queen in particular is overly smooth.’

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