PETA persuades people to go vegan- dairy free cakes can help to make the transition from a traditional diet to a vegan one much easier

PETA arranged stunts to persuade people to go vegan. Free from cakes and healthy cakes such as vegan cakes, dairy free cakes and vegan birthday cakes can help you to make the change to a vegan diet.

Animal welfare organisation PETA arranged various protests on World Water Day in order to persuade people to go vegan.  If you want to switch to a vegan diet, but are concerned this will be difficult for you to do free from foods, such as free from cakes from The Healthy Cake Company can help to make the transition much easier for you. 

In Los Angeles a man crashed his car after catching sight of the latest PETA protest; two women having a naked shower in the middle of the street. The two models were carrying out the protest in order to encourage people to switch to a vegan diet in order to save water.

Passersby had stopped to gather around the two topless women in their make shift shower, as the man drove past and lost control of his vehicle the moment he caught sight of the two models frolicking in the soapy water. An American news channel were there at the scene the moment the man crashed into the side of a pick up truck- however thankfully there were no injuries.

PETA, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had arranged the publicity stunt to raise awareness of World Water Day. They hoped to highlight the fact that if you eat one pound less of meat, the people living in America could save enough water to supply half a years worth of showers.

Similar protests also took place in London’s Trafalgar Square where two Playboy models blew soap suds at the predominantly male crowd while they shared a bubble bath. On the side of the bath was a sign which read ‘50 baths=1 steak, Clean your conscience, Go vegan’  

While many think making the transition from eating a traditional diet to a vegan one which excludes meat and all animal products is difficult to do, free from foods can help to make this somewhat easier to do.

With people increasingly choosing a vegan diet, be it to improve their health or for environmental reasons, food outlets have begun to produce foods which would previously have been prohibited from the vegan diet.

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