Scissor lifts and scissor tables make your workplace a safer place

Lifting solutions and material handling equipment such as scissor lifts and scissor tables can help your company to comply with manual handling legislation and prevent injuries at work.

Statistics have shown that more than a quarter of all accidents in the work place are caused by not lifting, transporting or supporting  heavy items, such as stock correctly- i.e. by not using any specialist equipment.

One way you can comply with legislative guidelines to ensure the safety of your employees is by investing in suitable lifting solutions, such as scissor tables and mezzanine lifts in the workplace. You will also need to provide your staff with thorough training on how to use this equipment too- which Advanced Handling can also provide.

Using materials handling equipment in the workplace to move stock around, and other heavy items helps to safeguard your employee’s health.  Fit and healthy employees are proven to cost your company less, and they are also more productive and efficient too- which combined helps to make your business more profitable.

Using materials handling equipment  also removes the need for double handling, freeing up more time in your employees day and therefore creating a far more efficient process. Crucially, it also removes the need for any awkward bending and lifting, helping to prevent strains and other potentially more serious injuries.

‘As a leader in materials handling, Advanced Handling is dedicated to helping you to create a working environment that reaches the maximum level of productivity, and importantly safety too. The variety of bespoke lifting solutions Advanced Handling is able to design and manufacture makes them the ideal choice to manufacture your lifting equipment.’   What’s more, all of their products are compliant with relevant manual handling legislation.

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About us: Advanced Handling specialise in scissor lift design and make mobile scissor lifts, scissor tables, materials handling equipment as well as other various lifting solutions.  There are also knowledgeable on manual handling legislation, health and safety at work and LOLER.  

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