Solid oak flooring is being turned into skateboards!

Solid oak flooring and oak wood flooring is being turned into skateboards. If you want to buy sustainable natural oak flooring, solid wood flooring or wooden floors visit Easy Step- specialists in wood floors, hardwood flooring and wooden flooring.

One company has taken sustainable solid oak flooring to new heights, and has found a new and innovative way of making recycling oak wood flooring just that little bit more fun! A US based company has hired a craftsman to turn reclaimed natural oak flooring into a range of skateboards!

The ingenious craftsman uses reclaimed solid wood flooring to make skateboard decks for his own business. The reasons he has started this never seen before ‘green’ venture is because he holds a passion for recycling, as well as a host of other environmental issues very close to him.

While there are various schemes in place which have been devised to re-use wooden floors, this particular business shows that wood floors  can be turned into a wide range of products for various uses.

This business venture is also raising the profile of a spectrum of environmental issues, which is prompting people everywhere to think if they can re-use a product before discarding it.

Once hardwood is disposed of and sent to landfill, it will release harmful CO2 gas which will contribute to the ever growing problem of climate change. Reusing the wood also eliminates the need for more trees to be cut down in order to produce the skateboards- helping to maintain a better environment for many species of animals and insects.

The company is able to produce an extremely diverse selection of skateboards using the reclaimed wooden flooring.  This reflects the wide diversity of the materials which make up hardwood flooring.

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