The best type of wood floor to lay over underfloor heating is engineered say experts

If you have underfloor heating, or an underfloor heating installation you’ll need to think about flooring.  Laying floors over under floor heating/electric under floor heating will be different.  Read for more info on underfloor electric heating.  

If you have underfloor heating installed in your home, you will need to consider your choice of flooring carefully- particularly if you want a solid wood floor. Experts have recommended that the best type of wooden floor to choose if you have an underfloor heating installation is engineered wooden flooring. The reason for this is because this type of wood floor enables heat to enter into the room through the floor boards, from the under floor heating system.

Engineered wooden flooring is stronger than other woods, and it also offers better stability than standard floors made from oak wood. Floorboards made from oak wood are more likely to expand and contract because of the changing temperatures emitted from the floor heating system beneath the floor.

Industry experts have said that installing wooden floors over the top of an electric under floor heating system also needs to be done slightly differently to laying wood floors over normal floor boards.

When laying wooden flooring over an underfloor heating installation you will need to use a considerable amount of thin flooring underlay. This helps the heat to circle properly, as well as to ensure that an even surface has been created. Finally, the thin insulation material will also help to reduce the amount of noise made when you walk over the wooden floor boards.

 Even though engineered wood flooring is more durable and hardwearing than other types of wood it’s highly advised that you only turn the temperature of your underfloor electric heating up and down very gradually to avoid distorting the wooden boards.

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