The reasons to let a pro lay your wooden flooring

When laying wooden flooring, it’s vital to let a pro lay your wood flooring to ensure your wooden floor looks smooth and even. Solid oak floor and hardwood needs certain steps, and real wood floors like solid oak flooring need certain tools.                

If you are considering replacing your old carpets and laminate flooring with wooden flooring, you should be aware that it is not a job for someone who is inexperienced in fitting wood flooring

This is because most novices often overlook vital steps required for laying a smooth, even wooden floor- for example letting the wood acclimatise to the temperature of a home before laying it. If this step is not carried out, it could cause gaps to form between the planks of your new solid oak floor. Furthermore, if the hardwood is laid incorrectly, or the sub-surface is not flat it can cause the floor to become squeaky, or spaces may appear between the floorboards.

Recently, a news piece was broadcasted which detailed the cost of undertaking complex DIY tasks, without relevant experience.  People who had attempted to ‘do-it-yourself’ spent far more money putting their mistakes right, compared to if they had hired a professional to complete the job for them.

Furthermore, leaving the DIY to the professionals is far more convenient and relaxing for homeowners, than trying to get the job done yourself. Not only do DIY’ers not have the skills and experience to complete a professional looking job, but they may also not have the right tools for the job- which is an expense that many fail to factor in.

At Easy Step Flooring, not only do they supply only the highest quality real wood floors, but they also have a team of fully trained, floor fitters to install them for you- so you don’t have to worry about the task of fitting your new wooden floor!

 By choosing a professional to lay your solid oak flooring, you know that you significantly reduce your chances of experiencing any problems with your new floor- so no squeaky floorboards and no gaps between the planks for you!

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