Top tips for designing your packaging solutions

When designing your packaging solutions there are a few things to bear in mind. Here are Golden Choice packaging company’s tips on creating the perfect paper merchandise bags, custom gift boxes and paper bags.       

When designing your packaging solutions, it pays to take notice of Golden Choice packaging company’s top tips.

1.       Keep the look and feel of your packaging consistent, use a similar palette of colours and be consistent with the type of images that you use. These will help you to build your brand image.

2.       Match your products to the packaging; if you sell quirky, retro products design quirky retro style packaging. If your products are from the Victorian era don’t put them in a hippy 60’s-esque tie dyed box.

3.       Make sure that your paper merchandise bags and custom gift boxes are professionally made. By choosing Golden Choice for your packaging needs you know that you will end up with only the finest quality end product.  Unlike other companies which use machinery to quickly mass produce their packaging solutions, each and every piece of packaging produced by Golden Choice is made by hand.  The packaging is also subjected to stringent checks before being dispatched, to ensure you don’t end up with dog eared paper bags, or tatty looking gift boxes.

4.       Make sure that any glued on decorations doesn’t have edges that stick out, that the corners of your gift tags are fully intact, and are not ripped at all. If your customers end up with less than perfect packaging they may think that you are slap dash in your approach to business, or worse still that you simply don’t care what your customers think of you.

5.       Finally, make sure that all the text that is printed onto your packaging is spell checked and spelt correctly. Nothing is worse than if your packaging has the wrong brand name or misspelt text on it.

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About us:  Our luxury paper bags, gift boxes and other packaging are custom handmade to ensure first class quality and finest end product. In addition we offer a budget range of reusable bags which offer exceptional durability and greater recyclability. We have built our success by paying attention to what YOU want.

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