Underfloor heating; making you bathroom seem bigger

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Bathrooms are often the smallest room in a house, therefore they need careful consideration when choosing your suite, and decorating it to make the most of the space you have available.

One of the best ways of doing so is by fitting underfloor heating in the place of traditional heating methods, such as radiators and heated towel rails. Ambient Floor Heating Solutions specialise in electric underfloor heating systems, and supply a wide range of underfloor heating kits and floor heating accessories.  They are also able to offer you a wealth of advice, to help you choose the right under floor heating system for your home.

Along with recommending underfloor electric heating most interior designers advise that if you have a small bathroom you should avoid bathroom suites with baths, as these take up valuable floor space.  Most people tend not to use the bath on a regular basis, so they usually end up being somewhat of a waste of space.  If you can’t do without your bath, choose a freestanding one. These enable you to see the floor beneath the bath, creating the illusion of more space.

If you have a small bathroom you should also avoid the recent trend of circular showers too, as fitting a circle in a square room makes little sense in the majority of homes.  Showers which do not have a standalone cubicle also give the illusion of more space; alternatively if it’s a really tight squeeze you could consider ditching the shower cubicle all together and going for a wet room instead.

Small bathrooms also need striking finishes and colours. A lot of people think that to create a spacious feel they should choose white tiles. However, the best way to make a small room seem bigger is by creating impact, by adding interest.  Shiny surfaces also work well, as they help to bounce light around the room which opens up the space.

If there is a window in your bathroom, or you have a powerful extractor fan you can decorate a small bathroom using wallpaper. You will need to be careful as to which type of wallpaper you use though; make sure you opt for ones which have an open design, as opposed to an intricate design- as these make a room feel much smaller.

For storing lotions and potions, choose an inset bowl over a traditional sink as these allow you to have built in storage beneath the bowl.  A large pull forward draw beneath the sink bowl can be used as a laundry basket, or to store clean towels. Alternatively, corner sink units also free up extra space in a small bathroom.

The type of lighting you choose will also have a major effect on how big your room looks- dark corners will make the room seem much smaller so spotlights are ideal in the bathroom for illuminating every inch of available space.

If you are interested in making your bathroom seem bigger by installing electric under floor heating please visit http://www.floorheatingsolutions.co.uk/

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