Underfloor heating installed into kid’s deluxe wendy house

A chalet complete with underfloor heating, has been built. An underfloor heating installation was needed for heat.  For more info on electric under floor heating, and electric underfloor heating systems visit Ambient under floor heating specialists.

Two lucky children recently received a super size, deluxe wendy house complete with underfloor heating, double glazing, and solid wood flooring as a present from their parents. The wendy house is an exact miniature replica of their parents chalet located in the foot of the Swiss Alps.

The extravagant playhouse is estimated to have cost £150,000 to build, and took a staggering 2,000 hours to complete. It cost £50,000 to transport all of the materials needed to build the wendy house and to assemble it- which combined makes it the worlds most expensive playhouse.

The two storey timber house has four bedrooms, and in addition to the state of the art underfloor heating installation which is needed to keep out the cold, has a fully fitted mini kitchen with working hobs and a fridge. It took ten craftsmen a full five weeks to assemble the luxury 3.6m tall structure.

The owner of the Uk based company who constructed the mini-chalet said; ‘It is a complex structure and will have to withstand some very cold temperatures. When I went over it was -17C (1F). ’We have insulated the chalet and installed electric under floor heating and booster heaters, so the kids will be as warm as toast.’ This will allow the children to make use of their new present all year round, and not just in the summer months.

He also said that this structure was truly unique, and there is nothing else like this in the world ‘it is as expensive as it gets’ he finished.

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