Update your home’s interior for spring by hanging brightly coloured art on canvas

Hanging abstract art and canvas arts in your home can give it a fresh new look.  Browse Canvas Line’s gallery of canvas pictures including abstract artwork and many other types of art on canvas.

The arrival of spring means that it’s time to give your interior a make over! Put your heavy drapes away, roll up your rugs and scatter some brightly coloured cushions on your sofa. A vase full of spring flowers and a bright piece of art on canvas are the perfect finishing touches for your home’s fresh new look.

The days are getting longer and brighter, spring flowers have poked their heads above the ground and blossom is blooming everywhere you look.  Not only do these changes signal that it’s time to get your summer wardrobe out, it also means that its time to give your home a summer face lift too.

Here are our top tips to give your home a spring/summer makeover!

The bright spring/summer sunshine which will now flood into your rooms will show up any stains which are on the walls. If you can see any marks or stains clean these off, or if they won’t budge paint over them with a bright springy colour- sea blues, daffodil yellows, grass greens and tangerine oranges are all ideal. Offset your new brightly coloured walls with a complementary piece of abstract artwork. Hanging abstract art in your home is a quick and cost effective to update your interior.

Remove your dark, heavy drapes and curtains and replace them with either light coloured curtains or blinds. Both of these options let more light shine into your home, illuminating your new spring colour palette and accessories.

Finally assess your home’s floors; worn carpets and tatty looking rugs might look cosy and be soft underfoot during winter but bare wooden floors give a more uncluttered look- which can help your home to appear more spacious.

If you want to update your home with brightly coloured artwork you can browse for canvas pictures and canvas arts online by visiting http://www.canvasline.co.uk/

About us: Canvas Line has been specialising in canvas pictures since 2003, producing low cost, affordable canvas arts without compromising on high quality canvas prints. We have more than 600 art on canvas designs for you to choose from, including modern art, abstract artwork, floral art, pop etc. Keep checking our catalogue, as new styles of artwork are added constantly.

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