Why the Surrey Business Centre is an ideal office environment

The Surrey Business Centre is an office space in Surrey also known as the Leatherhead business centre and is an ideal office in Leatherhead/office space in Leatherhead for small businesses. Find out more about the Leatherhead office space here.    

In the wake of the economic downturn, over the last four years many businesses have experienced some upheaval, and have had to adapt their business accordingly. One way in which many businesses have coped with the recession is by downsizing the size of their staff, and by creating more flexible job roles for those who are still employed.

The Surrey Business Centre is the ideal working environment for companies who have employees whose job roles require them to be flexible, and that combine two or three jobs which would previously have been carried out by separate members of staff prior to the recession.

It’s also a perfect location for businesses looking to cut costs and create a more productive workforce.  All utilities, cleaning and internet costs are combined into the total price of renting a desk in the office space Surrey. This makes maintaining your business budget, as well as your time management much easier for you to do.

The layout of the Leatherhead office space is also ideal for creating a more productive workforce. The office in Leatherhead is open plan, keeping the channels of communication open at all times by allowing your staff to interact freely throughout the day. This saves time, as it removes the need for catch up meetings and discussions as everyone knows what everyone else is doing throughout the course of the working day.  Alternatively for those times when you need a little privacy, there are also a number of meeting rooms which are free of charge for tenants to use.

Finally the office space in Leatherhead helps to remove hierarchies within your company, to promote an interactive and enjoyable working environment too- which is vital for building a sense of camaraderie and community to keep morale high.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Leatherhead Business Centre, or would like a tour of the Surrey Business Centre please visit http://www.thechapelsurrey.com/

About us: The Chapel combines stunning architecture with all the facilities of a modern office. This iconic building features original stained glass windows, stone columns and towering arches to provide a unique setting for a range of open plan offices and private meeting rooms. Fully air conditioned and networked, the spacious environment provides companies with the perfect setting to do great work and impress clients.   

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