Woman finds condom in carton of milk

A Swedish woman found a flavoured condom in a carton of milk. If you would like to purchase a condom or condoms, or would like to buy condoms online please visit Funky Condom where they also stock bondage items and lube.

A woman living in Gunnilse in Sweden recently found a condom in a carton of milk, as she poured the milk from the container into her dog’s bowl.

The popular brand of fermented milk, which is similar to buttermilk, certainly soured the atmosphere in the woman’s home in Gunnilse.

The woman’s daughter commented that finding the condom ruined both her and her mother’s appetite for days after the event. She described that as her mum went to pour the creamy liquid into the bowl a pink condom, possibly a flavored condom and a receipt fell out of the carton.  Though both mother and daughter have started eating again, they have vowed that they will not buy this particular brand of soured milk again.

A spokesman speaking on behalf of the company has said about the condom incident "It's impossible ... there's not a chance," she said. "It's a closed process and there are filters and things that would stop something so large from ending up in a container."  Instead placing the blame on a prankster living at the family home- which the woman insists could not have happened.

There is still an investigation under way to decipher exactly how the condom ended up in the carton of milk.

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