SAR - Pressac PLC

FORM SAR 3 Lodge with a RIS or Newstrack and the Takeover Panel. A copy must also be sent to the company the shares of which are acquired. Date of disclosure 27 March 2003 DISCLOSURE UNDER RULE 3 OF THE RULES GOVERNING SUBSTANTIAL ACQUISITIONS OF SHARES ("SARs") Date of acquisition 26 March 2003 Acquisition in PRESSAC PLC (name of company) (1) Class of voting shares Number of shares/rights If rights over (eg ordinary shares) over shares acquired shares acquired, as opposed to the shares themselves, specify nature of Ordinary Shares of 5p each 500,000 shares rights ................ rights ................... (2) Resultant total Resultant total holding Total percentage holding of voting shares of rights over shares (and % of total voting (and % of total voting shares in issue) shares in issue) 21,186,396 21,186,396 ( 24.40 % ) ................. ( %) ( 24.40 % ) (3) Party making disclosure TT electronics plc (4) (a) Name of person acquiring shares or rights over shares TT electronics plc and, if different, beneficial owner (b) Names of any other persons acting by agreement or understanding (see SAR 5) Signed, for and on behalf of the party named in (3) above M G Leigh (Also print name of signatory M G Leigh Telephone and extension number 01 932 841310 ext 235 _________________________ Note. Under SAR 5, the holdings of and acquisitions by persons acting by agreement or understanding must be aggregated and treated as a holding of or acquisition by one person. Note 3 on SAR 5 requires persons who must aggregate holdings to disclose certain disposals. For full details of the SARs disclosure requirements, see Rules 3 and 5 of the SARs. If in doubt, contact the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers, Monitoring Section, Tel. No: 020 7638 0129. E-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: