About Us

Tudor Oak Furniture was founded in 1969 by a talented cabinet-maker, Richard Foreman. Coming from a family of agricultural and timber merchants, Richard grew up in a succession of period houses, surrounded by family antiques. This is how his love of oak started, but the knowledge and understanding of it developed over the years by visiting antique shops and talking to antique restorers, studying their techniques, which he would later use in the colouring and shading process unique to Tudor Oak. The first pieces carrying the name of Tudor Oak were produced in his garage and over the following few years the brand became synonymous with high quality and meticulous attention to detail. Only the best timber is used to produce Tudor Oak furniture – as the name suggest, we mainly use English Oak (also known by its Latin name, Quercus Robur), but have a number of pieces produced in European Walnut, Cherry and Yew. Within a few years, the company became known not only in this country, but also abroad. In the mid-70s we started exporting to Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Norway. Many fine cabinet-makers started their career at Tudor Oak; some stayed with us and helped create numerous beautiful pieces; others went on to form their own companies, using the skills and experience gained here. So it is fair to say that Tudor Oak spawned its own generation of cabinet makers, carrying the torch for the future. Our reputation is recognised and respected not only by our clients, but by our competitors. We use many traditional methods and our polishing process has taken years to perfect and is unique to the company.