New Tufin Orchestration Suite boosts security controls over heterogeneous networks with application-driven orchestration

February 17, 2015 – London, England Tufin®, the market-leading provider of Security Policy Orchestration solutions, today announces a new version of its award-winning Tufin Orchestration Suite™. The latest release, Tufin Orchestration Suite R15-1, delivers security policy orchestration through an automated and unified approach to security policy management across heterogeneous platforms, including traditional networks, private cloud and public cloud. New features include support for Amazon AWS, an advanced security policy browser and software-defined firewall policies for managing Check Point, Cisco and Juniper security policies. 

The announcement comes as enterprises are being held more accountable for cyber-threats in the wake of high-profile breaches. IT decision-makers also face other challenges such as reducing network change times and minimising human error.

In a Gartner report “Avoid These "Dirty Dozen" Network Security Worst Practices” published in January 2015 by analysts Andrew Lerner and Jeremy D’Hoinne, they wrote: ”Security projects that are owned exclusively within the security team face the risk of neglecting business and user requirements, which are too often seen as constraints. This often results in security policy being focused on the wrong goals, which can weaken overall security posture, disenfranchise end users and/or waste capex and opex.”

They add: “Security leaders must not only collaborate with business leaders and embrace business requirements rather than fight against them, but also ensure that this mindset is permeated throughout the security organisation. This will ultimately lead to better buy-in from the business for security initiatives.”

“Enterprise network environments are becoming harder to secure while, at the same time, the competitive pressure on enterprises is demanding greater agility and more frequent application and network changes,” said Ofer Or, VP Products at Tufin. “In today’s heterogeneous environments -– which span physical, virtualised and cloud infrastructure – it has become impossible to manage changes manually while still guaranteeing security and compliance. With the Tufin Orchestration Suite, companies no longer have to compromise their agility to maintain security.”

Key new capabilities in R15-1:

  • Amazon AWS – Tufin expands to public cloud with visibility, change tracking and reporting for Amazon virtual private clouds (VPC) and security groups.
  • Security Policy Browser – Tufin introduces an advanced browser for instant searching and reporting on security policies across all leading firewall and cloud platforms.
  • Software-defined Firewall Policies – Use RESTful APIs to manage Check Point, Cisco and Juniper security policies.
  • Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewalls– With the industry's leading support for change automation on Palo Alto Networks platforms, Tufin now adds automated change design with application identities.
  • Overlapping IPs – Tufin delivers the industry's first solution for application connectivity management in networks with overlapping IP spaces.


The latest version of the Tufin Orchestration Suite will be generally available in March 2015. Webcasts will be held to introduce R15-1 capabilities to Tufin Partners and customers.

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Tufin® is the leader in Security Policy Orchestration, automating and accelerating network infrastructure changes while maintaining security and compliance. By improving network change processes, organisations using the Tufin Orchestration Suite™ will have a positive impact on the business by reducing the time and cost spent implementing network changes by up to 80%. Taking a holistic view of IT, the Tufin Orchestration Suite helps organisations automate security and efficiency into day-to-day operations, enabling them to be more agile and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. Founded in 2005, Tufin serves more than 1,400 customers in industries from telecom and financial services to energy, transportation, manufacturing and healthcare. Tufin partners with leading vendors including Check Point, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, F5, Blue Coat, Intel Security (McAfee) and BMC Software, and is known for technological innovation and dedicated customer service.

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