TurnIT Communication to build urban net in Norrtälje and link to Åland

TurnIT Communication to build urban net in Norrtälje and link to Åland Fiberdata AB - a company in the TurnIT Group - is one of Sweden's leading suppliers of broadband technology for urban nets and residential areas. Fiberdata has now signed an agreement with Norrtälje Energi to supply network equipment and services for the construction of a broadband network to cover the whole of the Municipality of Norrtälje. Fiberdata estimates the value of the contract at SEK 5 million. EtaNet, as the new urban net will be called, will offer broadband connections to companies, landlords, tenant-owners' associations and private individuals. Norrtälje Energi has also signed an intercommunication agreement with Ålcom, the largest Internet provider on the Åland Islands. This has resulted in Fiberdata receiving an order for a DTM-based link that will stretch from Mariehamn to Stockholm via Norrtälje. The local and regional network in Norrtälje will be based on Gigabit Ethernet technology, which will provide a high level of reserve capacity to cope with the greater capacity requirements expected in the future. This means that EtaNet will be based largely on fibre optic cables and radio links. "Fiberdata has been entrusted with the contract because their solution was excellent, technically and financially", says Alf Nyström, President of Norrtälje Energi. Fiberdata's technical solution offers a great deal of flexibility for future capacity expansion. It is also operator-independent, and can work with several service providers on the same network. The technology also allows Norrtälje Energi to sell broadband connections with different levels of guaranteed broadband. This makes it possible for subscribers to use the network for the distribution of video, telephony and other time-critical digitised information. "Our technology platform is now capable of providing video and telephony services of guaranteed quality", says Torbjörn Eriksen, President of Fiberdata. The network has a very high level of in-built security, which guarantees the integrity of the service to every individual subscriber. Since the whole system can be administered remotely, maintenance costs are minimised. "We are delighted to be able to establish a reliable and future-proof connection in collaboration with Fiberdata and Norrtälje Energi. We are confident we will be able to provide the majority of companies and households on Åland with fast and reliable broadband as early as this year", says Conny Rosenberg, President of Ålcom. Fiberdata is part of TurnIT Communication, a business area of TurnIT AB - one of the larger Swedish IT groups listed on the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange's Attract40 list. TurnIT has 1150 employees. Its business idea is to act as an IT partner, and to offer a low-risk share through the acquisition of companies in different areas of the IT market. The Group's operations are divided over five business areas; Supplies, Software, Communication, Consulting and Outsourcing. It also includes TurnIT Development, which invests in IT companies at an early stage of development. TurnIT AB For further information Contact persons: For further information, please contact Torbjörn Eriksen at Fiberdata, tel +46 (0)8-635 95 35, +46 (0)703-24 95 35, torbjorn.eriksen@fiberdata.se (see www.fiberdata.se/te.jpg for high resolution colour photograph) or Alf Nyström at Norrtälje Energi, tel +46 (0)176-718 02, +46 (0)705-23 29 03, alf.n@norrtelje-energi.se or Conny Rosenberg at Ålcom, tel +358-18 23 500, conny@alcom.aland.fi See www.fiberdata.se for press releases, picture archives and a more comprehensive presentation of the company. Peter Enström, President, TurnIT AB, tel +46 (0)8-545 877 45, +46 (0)705-74 99 82 Rickard Linderoth, Information Director, TurnIT AB, tel +46 (0)8-545 877 45, +46 (0)709-65 02 98 On the Internet: About TurnIT: www.turnit .se About Fiberdata: www.fiberdata.se About Norrtälje Energi: www.norrtelje-energi.se and www.etanet.nu Fiberdata AB constructs large networks and supplies infrastructure for data and telecommunications. The company offers its clients project planning, in- stallation, commissioning, training, operational support and service. Many of its clients have higher than average requirements for performance, functionality and security. Consequently, Fiberdata has been involved in several hundred complex and technically advanced projects, including the installation of urban networks and other large-scale operations. The business idea is to focus on advanced communications solutions with cutting-edge technology. Fiberdata's own Development Department solves clients' specific problems, and develop its own products where necessary. The ability to combine standard solutions with customer-tailored solutions gives Fiberdata a unique position on the market. Fiberdata was established in 1982, and has 140 staff in twelve locations. Sales in 1999 were SEK 175 million. Since 1996, the company has been part of TurnIT AB (publ). Norrtälje Energi is a company wholly-owned by the municipality, which sells and distributes electricity and district heating in three localities. It will also operate EtaNet throughout the municipality. See also www.norrtelje- energi.se Ålands Datakommunikation AB (Ålcom), is Åland's largest Internet provider. The company is owned by Ålands Nättjänster AB, and by the two local Åland telephone companies, Mariehamns Telefon AB and Ålands Telefonandelslag. 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