TV4 Second Quarter 2001

TV4 Second Quarter 2001 -Lower spending on advertising resulted in lower income during the period. -TV4 is Sweden's most- watched channel, with a 27.8 per cent share of the viewing figures across the population. The channel commanded a 27.7 per cent share of the 20 - 44 year- old age group. -The number of visitors to had risen to 197,205 per day by April 2001, up almost fourfold on last year. -?TV4 Text-TV viewing figures had risen to 1.7 million a day by February 2001, compared with 1.6 milion the same time last year. -Group sales fell by 9 per cent to SEK 1,135 million. Profit After net financial income/expense totalled SEK 222 million, compared with SEK 174 last year. Earnings for the year to date include a lump sum of SEK 196 million, compared with SEK 21 the previous year. -The Swedish parliament has urged the government to review the franchise fee in the light of changes in the TV market and swiftly coordinate the regulations governing digital television. TV4 AB (publ) 24 July 2001 Interim report for January - June 2001 Profit by division 2001 2000 The TV4 channel pre-franchise fee 264 408 profit Franchise fee -166 -219 Profit after 98 189 franchise fee Local TV Pre-franchise fee -5 9 profit Franchise fee -47 -51 Profit after -52 -42 franchise fee TV4 Interaktiv -11 6 Allt om Stockholm -9 - Items affecting 196 21 comparability Profit after financial items 222 174 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: The full report The full report