Kickstarter Success for the board game that wants to make you a better entrepreneur

In its final week on Kickstarter, the board game Playing Lean is well on its way to reaching 500% funding, with over 300 backers joining the campaign. The funding means that the team behind the game can get it into the hands of intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs all over the world, as well as facilitating workshops in several countries.

The team behind the game

The game is a brainchild of Simen Fure Jorgensen, CEO of a Lean Startup Consultancy firm, Iterate, and Tore Rasmussen, Lean Startup Advisor and serial entrepreneur. Jørgensen first got inspiration from the game when he was met with resistance from colleagues and clients to read the books or attend the lectures on the Lean Startup Method. “People don’t have time to sit down and read a book, and if they do, they rarely retain the information. That’s why we needed a fast, easy and effective way to lead them through the Lean Startup Method”, says Jørgensen.

The first failure

This is not Playing Lean’s first time on Kickstarter. The game had a first campaign earlier this year, which compiled around 130 backers and 25% of funding. “While failing the first campaign was a blow, we still sat down and took in all the learning we could. We made a lot of improvements between the campaigns, including gameplay, design and bringing on new team members, such as Ash Maurya and Holger Nils Pohl”, says Rasmussen.

The future

After the campaign ends on June 3rd, it will be all engines go to start shipping the game and the bonus add-ons that the backers have requested. Then, the team’s focus will turn from facilitating the game themselves, to creating Playing Lean facilitators all over the world.

(Lean Startup is a registered trademark owned by Eric Ries and has no affiliation with this project.)

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