ForgeFix adds advanced lubricant

As part of its commitment to offering a complete range of fixing and fastening solutions, ForgeFix has made another new addition to its product portfolio.

The business - which already offers a diverse range of products including not only screws, nuts, nails and bolts but related items like telescopic ladders and drill bits - will now carry a high performance and technically advanced multi-purpose lubricant.

Known as Q20, the lubricant is new to the European market but enjoys strong popularity across the wider world and market share of over 70% in its native South Africa. It owes much of its success directly to its impressive capabilities as well as its immensely innovative nature.

First launched in 1950, Q20 can repel and remove water, act as a release agent and serve as a light duty lubricant. It can also be used as a cleaning fluid and to prevent rust on exposed metal surfaces.

Q20 is so versatile in fact that it can be used for a huge range of applications from loosening stubborn fastenings, locks and catches to oiling chains, ball-bearings and other moving mechanical parts.

It can also be used to displace moisture in ignition systems or power tool electrical motors, to remove corrosion and restore connectivity in electrical circuits, and even to extend the life of exterior light bulbs by as much as 30%.

Aside from its enormous versatility, Q20 delivers the added benefit of exceptional penetrating power.

As the product is denser than water, it can effectively get underneath any moisture that may already be present on the surface of an item being treated.

Q20 is supplied in 150g and 300g aerosol cans with both can sizes featuring a 360º ball-bearing valve below the nozzle. This enables the cans to be used completely inverted with no loss of spraying performance and makes Q20 particularly suited to treating hard to reach areas. Five litre bottles and 25ltr drums are also available and are supplied with trigger spray bottles.

ForgeFix is supporting the introduction of Q20 with a range of marketing collateral. This includes information leaflets as well as merchandising solutions for merchants and other stockists.

Commenting on the addition of Q20 to the ForgeFix range, Mike Smith, marketing director at the company, said: “From the very first demonstrations of Q20 by the product’s manufacturers, it became clear that this multi-purpose lubricant is something special. We were astounded by its versatility and its performance. We’re also confident our customers and end-user will be equally impressed.”

He continues: “Q20’s innovative nature makes it a perfect fit with the wider ForgeFix product portfolio and with our commitment to offering value-adding products that frequently make common trade tasks quicker, easier or more profitable.”

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