Udo’s Choice and Amy Guy take winning team to Polo for Heroes tournament

Health and Beauty brand Udo's Choice have joined forces with model, international athlete and former ‘Gladiator’, Amy Guy (centre) to form the Udo’s Choice Polo Team and having already got off to a winning start in their first two tournaments, the Annoushka Challenge Tournament at Hurtwood Polo Club and the Mixed Doubles at Ham Polo Club, they are taking the team to the ‘Polo for Heroes’ event on 29 June to help raise money for charities that support members of the Armed Forces injured serving our Country.

Ben Butler, Commercial Director for Udo’s Choice says “Amy and her team are perfect ambassadors for our brand as they, like us, represent natural beauty and an active, healthy lifestyle.  It’s been a great start to the season and we are proud to be able to support the ‘Polo for Heroes’ event and look forward to a fun and successful day for the Charity.”

Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is the brand’s flagship product and Amy has long been a fan of the oil as part of her beauty and training regimes.  Amy has used Ultimate Oil Blend for five years and says“I find by taking Ultimate Oil Blend, it not only improves my athletic performance but helps bring out the best in my skin.  It really does work from the inside out”

The Polo for Heroes event is at St Albans Polo Club and gates open at 1pm.  The Udo’s Choice Polo Team, captained by Amy will be playing the St Albans Warriors at 3pm.  The next event on the team’s calendar is the Ladies British Open Championships at Cowdray Park between the 15-20 July.

For further information contact:

David Gunning

Marketing Manager

Udo's Choice UK

0113 388 5249


About Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is an organic blend of unrefined nutritional seed oils free of the constituents found in processed oils.  Its unique formulation provides an excellent source of the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 and the fatty acid Omega 9. Easily incorporated into the diet by mixing with food, Ultimate OIl Blend is acclaimed worldwide for its multiple health, beauty and fitness benefits and often credited as being the all-in-one oil that keeps our body looking and feeling great, inside and out.

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is available from £10.99 in Independent Health stores, selected department stores and online

Ingredients: Flax Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Soy Lecithin, Sesame Seed Oil*, Rice Bran and Rice Germ Oils, Coconut Oil*, Oat Bran and Oat Germ Oils*, Mixed Tocopherols


About Us

Udo's Choice is dedicated to providing products that support individuals and families to be healthy. Dr Udo Erasmus who introduced the world to cold pressed nutritional oils made with health in mind rather than shelf life such as Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend has developed a range of products that include: ~ Probiotics for different age groups in the family~ Digestive enzymes to help nutrient absorption~ Beyond Greens to provide green foods, fibre, essential fats and protein Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is a blend of organic seed oils that provide the essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 and 6 that the body needs. they are termed essential as our body's cannot make them, they have to be included in our diets. However, due to convenience foods, processed foods and frying we do not get the quantity of undamaged Omega 3 and 6 we need to maintain health. Every cell in our body needs these Essential Fats and without them our cells cannot work at their best and we can be more prone to illness and fatigue.