About Us

Ultramo is a completely new engine design that has the potential to become the world’s most efficient engine. The new Ultramo cycle, which minimises heat loss, reduces engine running costs and CO2 emissions by a third. Early models will be best suited to large-scale power generation. Nick Coates, Chrissi Wilkins and Bruce Balmer founded Ultramo in 2010. Since founding the company, they have worked with partners to validate the thermodynamic principles behind the Ultramo cycle. They have raised more than £175,000 in grants from SEEDA, Finance South East, the Carbon Trust and the TSB to fund research and development. The project has earned the support of PERA who have worked closely with Ultramo to build a EU FP7 £1.2M grant consortium with Ricardo and a number of other European parties. Ultramo’s management team includes Richard D Atkins CEng.FI MechE MSAE MIVehE and Dr Nick Barter. Mr Atkins has over 40 years of experience in the internal combustion engine industry and has worked with many of the world’s leading engine development teams. Dr Barter’s engineering and managerial career spans nearly 50 years, including the last eight years as non-executive director of Torotrak. Here he has helped to transfer innovative technology from the drawing board to commercial success.