About Us

The United Kingdom Lubricants Association (UKLA) was formed in 2005 by a merger between BLF, the long standing UK Lubricants Industry Trade Association, and the UK Delegation to UEIL - the European Lubricants Industry Organisation for the sector. UKLA is now the UK Delegation of UEIL. Acknowledged as the Lead Body by UK Government, UKLA has a pro-active policy - a knowledgeable Secretariat and has a wealth of knowledge and experience on Technical & Regulatory matters - amongst its Members and various Working groups. The UKLA's formation can be traced back to the closing stages of the First World War. In May 1918 a meeting was convened by the Ministry of Munitions to discuss the allocation of freight space of the principle Lubricating Oil firms in the United Kingdom. The result of that meeting was the formation of a National Federation of Associations to tackling collectively, the post-war problems of the lubricants industry. In 1921 the National Lubricating Oil & Grease Federation was formed but over time it became necessary to restructure and streamline the Federation to represent the whole Industry and create a single organisation to lobby Government. In 1968 the British Lubricants Federation was formed incorporating the activities of the National Lubricating Oil & Grease Federation. Today, the United Kingdom Lubricants Association is the UK's lubricant industry lead trade association. It represents over 100 companies who produce the majority of the UK's £2 billion, 800,000+ tonne output. Members include multi-national major oil companies, independently owned lubricant manufacturers / marketers and the sector's raw material suppliers. Its activities are currently being widened to encompass distributors and stockists, end-users, academics & individuals; in fact everyone involved in lubricants, beginning to end. For further information visit www.ukla.org.uk