Palin Leads Straw Poll—On The Heels of the Mid-Term GOP Wave

Universal Marketing Industries (UMI) the marketer of the Bye Bye Obama Doll Announced today the current 2012 Presidential straw poll results. As consumers are counting down the days until President Obama leaves office, they are voicing their opinion about who they would like to replace him. Over the last several weeks UMI has conducted this straw poll of visitors to Visitors favor Sarah Palin

27% followed by Newt Gingrich 24.6%, Mitt Romney 15.3%, Mike Huckabee 14.2%, Bobby Jindal 10.1% and Tim Pawlenty 8.9%.        

“People are rushing to buy the Bye Bye Obama Clock” says Matt Palumbo, spokesmen from UMI. “We wanted to see what these engaged citizens thought about who should be the next President”. 

The Bye Bye Obama Clock is a fun character of the President, with the new “HOAX” logo prominently displayed on his chest.  The clock is a daily reminder of how many days the Commander and Chief has left in office.  Clocks can be purchase for $24.99 at  

“Our customers preferred the former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate”, continued Palumbo. “The poll does show that there is a pretty even split between the top two choices, one thing is clear---all want Obama gone”. 

Are you one of the millions of Americans counting down the days until the Obama Regime is kicked to the curb?

Does it seem like that day is never going to come?

Finally the Obama Countdown Clock answers the question that's on everyone's mind. Place it on your desk or in your family room for a second by second reminder of how much longer America has to suffer under Obama's socialist administration. And give one, two five or ten as a gift to your fellow patriots who can't wait for an end to the most destructive administration in history.

To learn more about getting your own Bye Bye Obama Countdown Clock and voice your opinion on the straw poll visit

Contact Matt Palumbo at 330-867-3700



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