New Technology set to Revolutionize Shooting Industry

Previously only available to Military, Law Enforcement and Professional Training Organizations, UTM RBT announces the release of the Civilian Target Ammunition Shooting Kit. The new product is said to have all the accuracy, reliability and realism of live ammunition, but with the benefits of safety, virtually no live fire restrictions, no range needed and saves shooting enthusiasts from using their live ammunition.

UTM Reality Based Training (UTM RBT) will be unveiling the Civilian Target Ammunition (CTA) Target Shooting Kit and Ammunition for AR-15 Style weapons at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show and Conference at the Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, NV January 19-23, 2015. UTM RBT will be holding demonstrations of this new product, available to all consumers for the first time ever, which uses core technology previously only available to Military, Law Enforcement and Professional Training Organizations, on Industry Day (19 January, 2015) and will be on display at booth #6503 for the remainder of the expo (20-23 January).

“For nearly a decade, the U.S. Military, Special Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies have been using our products for training, in their operational weapons and we wanted to make this core technology available to all consumers to address many of the issues facing the Firearms and Shooting industries today, such as safety, accurate and reliable alternatives to live fire, ammunition shortages and environmental concerns. Our .223 Civilian Target Ammunition has an outstanding accuracy of a 1.18” group at 32 yards, an unprecedented consistent velocity of 375fps at the muzzle and the cartridge technology has a 99% reliability rating certified by the U.S. Army’s Picatinny Arsenal. There is also no gunpowder in the rounds, as its a patented primer actuated system, which means it’s a lead free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly round that leaves your weapon clean, with virtually no fouling. You can convert your weapon in under 60 seconds with a simple Bolt Carrier Group Exchange and it gives you normal weapon function, recoil and realistic and consistent cyclic rates. So we feel this product is the solution to those issues,” says Tony Lambraia, UTM RBT, USA Chief of Operations.

“Safety lies at the core of all our products and the CTA Target Shooting Kit offers that in spades. Once converted, the weapon will not fire a standard .223/5.56mm round - mitigating accident, injury and potentially catastrophic incidents - making this a perfect tool to train those new to firearms in weapon safety and basics. This kit allows both recreation and professional shooters the ability to improve their accuracy skills, trigger and breath control, sight alignment, clearing malfunctions, magazine reloads and so much more in complete safety. The biggest benefits of the CTA Target Shooting Kit is that you don’t need to go to the range - you can use this virtually anywhere without all the restrictions of live fire and because it’s only 113 db, you don’t need hearing protection - more importantly, you get all the accuracy and realism of live fire without having to use a single round of your live ammunition. It is the safest, most accurate and reliable target ammunition available today. It’s completely revolutionary,” stated Steven Didier, UTM RBT, International Chief of Operations.

Full demonstrations and opportunities to try The CTA Target Shooting Kit available at Industry Day on 19 January and on display at booth #6503 - demonstrations can be arranged throughout the week. Participants are encouraged to come by the booth for a hands on demonstration and explanation of the kit, its components and applications. For more details visit the website at

UTM RBT is a training company, which manufactures training ammunition, weapon conversions, products and provides training course, curriculum development, training facility designs and consultation. UTM RBT currently offers products and training to Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Private Training Organizations in over 65 countries around the world.

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UTM RBT offers the most innovative, technologically advanced and comprehensive training system in existence. With unparalleled technology, training methodologies and products – field tested and proven - the UTM reality Based Training System is the most environmentally friendly, effective and immersive in the industry This system offers an integrated solution and mindset, where industry professionals can train as never before - revolutionizing and redefining training as you know it.



Quick facts

Core Technology of CTA developed for Military and Law Enforcement
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The safest, most accurate and reliable Target Ammunition on the market today
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Environmentally friendly, free to shoot virtually anywhere and saves live ammunition
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