Vaasan & Vaasan Group's Vilniaus Duona Opened the new Bakery and Logistics centre in Vilnius

Vilniaus Duona, part of the Vaasan & Vaasan Group, has opened a brand new Bakery and Logistics centre in Vilnius, Lithuania. The new factory combines the production and distribution activities under one roof forming the newest Bakery of the Group and in all Baltics. The overall investments to Vilnius greenfield Bakery and Logistics centre count to 9 MEUR. The Vaasan & Vaasan Group is the leading bakery business in Finland and the Baltic region.

Vaasan & Vaasan Group's Vilniaus Duona's new Bakery and Logistics centre in Vilnius has started its operations in the planned scale. Modern and most automated systems guarantee the stability of the production processes. The installed baking equipment originating from Europe is globally only the fifth installation of its kind and enables the production of unseen new products in the Baltics. Many proven products are based on the pioneering product development and commercial concepts of Vilniaus Duona’s parent company, the Vaasan & Vaasan Group, Finland. When developing new products and product concepts, they are also targeted for the companys' pan-Baltic network.

“The new Bakery and Logistics centre offer the best available prerequisites to succeed in the Lithuanian and the Baltic markets in the future", says Mr. Kalle Tanhuanpää, the CEO of the Vaasan & Vaasan Group.

Vilniaus Duona’s new Bakery and Logistics centre in Vilnius is unique on the Baltic level. New products and concepts can be offered to all customers throughout the Baltics. The focus is clearly set to the latest innovative technologies and product concepts renewing the Baltic bread market. All products are meeting the consumers needs, and they are in the trend of the healthy eating and living without forgetting enjoyment.

“We are proud of our new Bakery and Logistics centre in Vilnius. As a clear market leader in Lithuania we want to supply our customers with the best performing products and brands. We believe it's the right time to start renewing the Baltic bread market, develop it in a long-term perspective and to offer really something new to consumers”, says Managing Director of Vilniaus Duona, Mrs. Rita Ramanauskienė.

The building decision of the new Bakery and Logistics centre in Vilnius was well in harmony with the recently finalized and opened modernized Panevezys Bakery and Logistics centre project. The overall investment was approximately 10 MEUR. Now the two new strong production units with integrated Logistics centres serve efficiently all clients in Lithuania and Baltics.

The Vaasan & Vaasan Group consists of Vaasan & Vaasan Oy in Finland, A/S Leibur in Estonia, A/S Hanzas Maiznicas in Latvia, UAB Vilniaus Duona in Lithuania, Nordic Bake Off AB in Sweden and Culinor AS in Norway. Each Baltic subsidiary is the market leader in its own country, while Nordic Bake Off AB is the second-largest producer of bake-off products in Sweden. In 2007 the Group had a turnover of approximately EUR 363 million and it employed some 3,300 people. Vilniaus Duona is the clear market leader in Lithuania and the biggest bakery in the Baltics. The company has today 2 bakeries in Vilnius and 1 in Panevezys. Number of employees is 650. In 2007 Vilniaus Duona's net sales was 27,6 MEUR.

Further information:

Kalle Tanhuanpää
Chief Executive Officer
The Vaasan & Vaasan Group
Tel: + 358 204 46 2003


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