Undisputed victory for Valutec in SP’s control system test

Last Monday the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) presented the results from its evaluation of two different control systems for timber drying – Valutec’s Valmatics control system and Alent Dynamic’s system. The study clearly showed the advantages of Valmatics, which came out top on 19 out of 23 comparison points.  

The evaluation is part of EESI, a large-scale project focusing on improving energy efficiency in the sawmill industry. A total of six trial runs were conducted at two different sawmills, with the suppliers determining the parameters jointly with SP and installing their own systems. The dimensions tested were pine 31x115 mm (target moisture content 12 %), pine 50x125 mm (18 %) and pine 75x150 mm (18 %).

In its communication, Alent asserted that its method, known as the “pump method”, offers superior drying control in terms of energy saving, quality and capacity. This contributed to the market’s interest in SP’s study and the results were eagerly awaited.

A total of 23 points were assessed, and Valutec came out top on 19 of these. The results show, among other things, that Valmatics yields around 10 % higher capacity, despite the fact that drying using Alent’s system was accelerated, as the permitted temperature levels were exceeded in four of the six trials. Valmatics also shows better results for central parameters for quality such as target moisture content, standard deviation of moisture content and crack length.

Alent’s system used more electrical energy per cubic meter for the 31 mm and 50 mm dimensions, but less for 75 mm. With all the measurements combined, the electricity consumption was 1.5 kWh/m3 lower for Alent’s system. Common to both control systems is the fact that a reduction in electricity consumption is offset by increased heat energy consumption, as expected.

“Two independent tests within a short space of time have shown the advantages of Valmatics. This is proof that the substantial resources we are investing in development are yielding results,” says Robert Larsson, CEO, Valutec.

A similar study was conducted in 2015 by Svedenträ Rågsveden, comparing the quality output from 24 full-scale drying operations, corresponding to a volume of 6,600 cubic meters of sawn timber (m3sawn timber). The trial material consisted of pine and spruce dimensions between 38 and 75 mm dried to a final moisture ratio of between 12 and 18 %. According to Svedenträ’s own evaluation, Valmatics produced a sorting outcome that was an average of 11 sec/m3sawn timber higher than Alent, which showed lower costs for heat and electricity of SEK 0.4/kWh. The total difference in value was SEK 10.9/m3sawn timber in Valmatics’ favor. For a medium-sized sawmill with production of 150,000 m3sawn timber/year, this equates to added value/savings of SEK 1,635,000/year.

For a detailed summary of the SP and Rågsveden studies, see attached files.
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