About Us

The confectionery and chocolaterie Vanparys began as a family business founded in 1889 by Felix Vanparys, near the fashionable Sablon neighbourhood in the heart of Brussels. The recipe and preparation of Felix’s original dragees are still attentively followed… with rich Belgian chocolate, or the finest selection of almonds coated with a thin layer of sugar, all carefully prepared in traditional, rotating copper vats, at precise temperatures, at an exact number of revolutions. Moreover, Vanparys has extended its expertise and range of treats to include today a wide array of chocolate-covered gourmet delights – coated nuts, fruits and coffee beans – as well as a variety of seasonal confectioneries to accompany any celebration, any time of the year. This is the Vanparys heritage, carried on through generations and present ever still. The highest quality, brilliant colours, a passion for chocolate, a flair for invention and an enduring pursuit for the perfect taste.