Vattenfall’s Board makes decision on Forsmark

Vattenfall’s Board of Directors has today – 8 February 2007 – decided to adopt an action plan for the nuclear operations at the subsidiary Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB. The plan aims at providing the Board with rapid feedback on questions of nuclear power safety with thorough reporting and follow-up, and by ensuring that the right leadership is appointed.

Extract from the Minutes of the Vattenfall Board Meeting held on 8 February, 2007:

The Board decided:

· that Vattenfall should immediately, in co-operation with other partners of Forsmarks Kraftgrupp, ensure that members of Vattenfall’s Group management become members of Forsmark’s Board of Directors. The Board of Vattenfall wishes Vattenfall to nominate Hans von Uthmann as Chairman and Lennart Billfalk as a member of Forsmark’s Board of Directors, and for Göran Lundgren to remain as a member.

· to suggest to Forsmark’s Board that they immediately strengthen the safety function within Forsmark’s management group.

· to set up a safety committee consisting of Board members Christer Bådholm, Anders Sundström and Dag Klackenberg (Chairman.) and that non-elected Board member Johnny Bernhardsson should participate in the work of the committee. The new safety committee on the Board of Vattenfall requires direct and frequent reporting from the safety manager at Forsmarkskraftsgrupp. The safety manager at Forsmark shall convene meetings of the safety committee on matters concerning Forsmark and, on request, report back to the Board of Vattenfall.

· to immediately appoint an independent, internationally renowned, external expert to analyse the management system, safety, reporting and management functions at Vattenfall’s nuclear power plants.

· that it would carefully follow the work of Forsmark’s Board to immediately and expediently implement the so-called 60-point programme that was presented yesterday and other measures to increase safety levels.

· that the next meeting of the Board of Vattenfall AB would be held at Forsmark.

For further information, please contact:
Dag Klackenberg, Chairman of the Board of Vattenfall AB, tel: +46 (0)8-762 77 79
Lars G Josefsson, President & CEO, Vattenfall AB, tel: +46 (0)8-739 50 05

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