teams with Banjo to bring EDC to you

June 16, 2015, Las Vegas, NV – EDC is upon us and and Banjo are giving you the insider experience. is the place for true Vegas Insiders, bringing the best local knowledge of Las Vegas to the world. With Banjo on their side, will put EDC on your screen like never before – whether that screen is on your laptop, your phone or the desktop in your neighbor’s house that you look at through binoculars. always keeps you in the action of EDC with blogs, social media and their dedicated EDC Page. For EDC 2015, they’re taking the sparkly, neon gloves off to bring the real, insider experience to viewers across the globe. Thanks to Banjo’s technology, which instantly collects and organizes social signals to create a “crystal ball” view of what’s going on at any location at any time, you’ll experience EDC from the attendee's perspective as the art, performers, amazing outfits and expressions of awe scroll through your feed. 

If you’re up during the wee hours, or in any part of the world where those hours are actually the middle of your work day, watch the hits come pouring in. If you’re one of those strange people who actually sleeps at night or actually does their work during the day, catch up on all the fun you missed. Just check the EDC page on ( ) -- or on the mobile app. Pre-event coverage has begun and the live stream of EDC starts when the gates open at 7 p.m. Friday. Let the Vegas Insiders take you where the lights shine.  

About Banjo

Banjo collects, understands and organizes the world’s digital signals to deliver instant insights into what’s happening anywhere in the world at any time. Brands and organizations using Banjo’s global “crystal ball” have access to an unprecedented level of data, helping them make faster, smarter decisions.  Founded in 2011 by CEO Damien Patton, Banjo is an award-winning, fast growth company described by Inc. Magazine as “The God’s Eye View” in March 2015.  Visit

About is the only online travel agency in the world that can invite you to Las Vegas, not just tell you to go there. We live in Vegas. We work here, play here and party here, and we know this city cold. We’re your Vegas insiders. That means we can give you all the on-the-ground and behind-the-scenes intelligence you need to know what’s happening and what’s hot. Plus, we serve up the best deals on hotels, air + hotel packages, shows, tours, attractions, dining and nightlife. In a city with lots to do and lots of secrets, it pays to know someone who can help you go from having a nice, pleasant time to having the time of your life. We’re We give you Vegas From the Inside™.

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