Veidekke signed major contract in Tvedestrand

Today Aust-Agder county municipality and Tvedestrand municipality handed Veidekke Entreprenør the contract to build a new climate and energy friendly upper secondary school and sports facility at Mjåvann in Tvedestrand. The overall value of the turnkey contracts is NOK 510 million, excluding VAT.

"We have taken part in a comprehensive collaborative process since January. Here Veidekke, our consultants and clients have jointly developed the concept that was submitted in the proposal. It has been an interesting and instructive process for all concerned, and we are very proud to build a building with such high climate ambitions which also is characterised by innovative architecture," says regional director Are Westbye of Veidekke Entreprenør Syd.

The school will be built as a energy-plus house in accordance with the FutureBuilt definition, where renewable energy sources will provide the building with more energy than is required to operate the school. More than 4,000 m2 of solar panels, 21 deep energy wells and highly efficient heating of water using heat pumps will ensure this. The project has also been supported by the Norwegian Environment Agency's climate effort scheme to provide the project with more CO2-friendly building materials, such as solid wood for selected internal walls, wood fibre insulation and wood in load-bearing structures. The stand in the sports hall will be built from solid wood.

"When we were commissioned to build the school, we were asked to build a national beacon for the low-emission society. It is with pride I can assert that this is what we will do," says John G. Bergh, assistant county chief municipal executive of Aust-Agder county municipality.

This is a collaborative project where Aust-Agder county municipality is responsible for the school building and Tvedestrand municipality for the sports facility. The overall floor area of the buildings is in excess of 20,000 m2, and they are scaled for around 700 students.

"There has been close and good cooperation between the county municipality and the municipality in the work to develop the project. It makes good socio-economic sense because the school and sports facility will be used by the students and staff in the daytime, and the population of Tvedestrand after school hours. We will also have access to a great culture venue (Storstua), which we have wanted for some time," says Jarle Bjørn Hanken, chief municipal executive of Tvedestrand municipality.

Ground work starts immediately, and the school and sports facility will be completed in May 2020 and ready for the start of school year in August 2020. See more about Veidekkes winning proposal here.

For more information, contact:
Project manager Frode Wæthing, Veidekke Agder, tel. +47 92 21 44 95, 
Regional director Are Westbye, Veidekke Syd, tel. +47 90 07 84 33,
Communications Manager Helge Dieset, Veidekke Entreprenør, tel. +47 90 55 33 22,
Project manager for the county and municipality Øyvind Lundberg, tel +47 95 81 14 26,  

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