Verbatim panels OLED take centre stage at art exhibition celebrating world-class design.

Art show in Finland part of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

OLED lighting used in an art installation titled ‘Palimama’s Hashioki’ is the highlight of the Masters of Aalto (MoA) University exhibition currently underway in Helsinki. The design project uses pioneering colour-tunable and dimmable OLED panels developed by Verbatim.

On display at the MoA exhibition hall in Jätkäsaari until June 3, the artwork created by Finnish designer Päivi Maunu connects futuristic OLED technology that is available today with recycled glass art from the past. It demonstrates how everyday life can be enhanced in an aesthetic and sustainable way.

The piece is attracting plenty of attention from the general public as well as academics, designers and technology fans. Visitors appreciate the familiar shapes on display and recognise the signature colours of vintage Finnish studio glass art. They are also enticed by the intensity of light and depth of colours on show. The OLED panels are occasionally synchronised to emit light in time with music or a rhythmic heartbeat, creating a stunning visual performance.

Verbatim recently unveiled the world’s first colour-tunable and dimmable OLED panel able to deliver brightness of up to 2,000 cd/m. Although the company can also create custom-made OLED panel sizes, the latest modules are ideal for mood lighting with each panel delivering red, green and blue (RGB) mixed colour with illuminance of 2000 candelas per square metre at a colour temperature of 3000K.

Organic LED lighting offers energy efficiency, low power consumption, long operational life and cool operating temperatures. Many times thinner than a human hair, OLEDs can be integrated into flexible materials and provide creativity to emit dynamic light from large surface areas.

Notes to editors

1. The MoA exhibition running until 3 June, presenting projects ranging from the basic needs of humans to satellites in space, is one of around 300 projects taking place in Helsinki during its World Design Capital year 2012 celebrating Finnish design. 
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2. Päivi Maunu is an established visual artist. Besides Helsinki, she has recently exhibited her artworks in Berlin, New York, Seoul, Mexico City, Tokyo, Peking and Hong Kong. For more details, visit To contact her by email: or telephone: +358 41 458 8596.

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