Redeye - The growth story continues for Verisec

Verisec is positioned as a security software player within digital identity and information security in the Nordics, and is currently expanding its business in EMEA. The company is well financed (40 MSEK in cash) and has the prerequisites for fulfilling its expansion plans and product development, with an aim to achieve 200 MSEK in sales within a five-year period. Verisec is led by the former Protect Data business team, and they retain significant ownership. The company will likely enjoy significant growth momentum in the coming years within the banking and public sectors.

The possibilities are good, largely due to the untapped potential in its respective niches, and the gradual transition to strong authentication software solutions. However, the competition is fierce and the company must be able to quickly adapt to its changing competitive environment. The security software market is currently a hot investment theme, trademarked by intense M&A activity along with premium valuations. As usual we goes through our DCF-value and bull/bear case. Read more in our analysis below.

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