Victoria Park and Markaryd Municipality invest in secure housing adapted to the needs of the elderly

Markaryd Municipality and Victoria Park are planning to renovate and adapt two properties in Strömsnäsbruk to create secure housing for the elderly. The project also includes new premises for shared activities and food services. The main target group for the initiative is individuals aged 70 and above.

Victoria Park is planning to renovate 19 flats that will all be made accessible for seniors and be renovated with new surfaces, kitchen fixtures and fittings and bathrooms. Moreover, the exterior and outdoor environment will be renovated. In parallel, the municipality will completely refurbish the adjacent property with new communal facilities such as food services, hobby rooms and other premises for interaction. A member of security staff will also be present during the daytime.

“The initiative demonstrates our good cooperation with Markaryd Municipality and our shared ambition to create secure housing for the elderly. We believe there is considerable interest in attractive living with opportunities for activities together with neighbours. Security for tenants is also further increased as the municipality is providing staff for the common areas,” says Per Ekelund, CEO of Victoria Park.

The service primarily targets residents in Victoria Park’s flats but will also be used as part of the municipality’s regular operations. The municipality and Victoria Park are each responsible for their respective share of the concept. However, the planned initiative is conditional upon sufficient tenant demand, which will be assessed during the third quarter of 2018.

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Victoria Park AB (publ) is a listed property company on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap focusing on residential properties in growth cities in Sweden. Through long-term management and social responsibility for more attractive residential areas, Victoria Park creates values ​​for residents, employees, shareholders, society and other stakeholders.


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