Victoria Park’s Extraordinary General Meeting 24 July 2018

Today, 24 July 2018, Victoria Park (publ) held an Extraordinary General Meeting, at which the following resolutions were decided.

Election of Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board and remuneration to the Board of Directors 

The EGM resolved that the Board of Directors shall have seven members, without any deputy members. Rolf Buch, Fabian Heß, Helene von Roeder, Peter Hohlbein and Jens Nagel were elected as new Board members, while Anders Pettersson and Peter Strand were re-elected as Board members. Rolf Buch was elected as Chairman of the Board. The tenure of the new board is until the end of the next annual general meeting. As a consequence, Greg Dingizian, Henrik Bonde, Pia Kinhult, Sofia Ljungdahl, Lennart Sten and Isabelle Wikner leave the board.

Further, the EGM resolved that the Board fees on an annual basis for the period until the end of the Annual General Meeting 2019 shall amount to SEK 150,000 to each board member, and, in addition, SEK 50,000 to the Chairman of the audit committee, SEK 25,000 to other members of the audit committee, SEK 30,000 to the Chairman of the remuneration committee and SEK 15,000 to the other members of the remuneration committee (to the extent such committees will be established).

Abolition of the principles for the nomination committee

The EGM resolved that the principles for the nomination committee approved by Victoria Park’s Annual General Meeting 2018 shall be abolished. Considering the shareholder structure following completion of Vonovia’s public offer, the nomination work will be carried out by the majority shareholder going forward. 

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Victoria Park AB (publ) is a listed property company, which, through long-term management and social responsibility for more attractive living, creates value in an expanding property portfolio in growth districts in Sweden. Victoria Park's property portfolio amounts to 1,110,000 square metres, comprising 14,000 flats, with a market value of SEK 17.1 Bn. The shares in Victoria Park are listed for trading on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap.  

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